Impressions of some of the women who passed the training The Orgasmic Woman

Here are some impressions of some of the women who over period of three months, did daily exercises and regularly filled out a diary on the process. We chose four women who by doing The Orgasmic Woman, had crucial experiences in relation to different sensitive sexual topics which were turning points for their sexual life.

“…Through the program I got more self-confidence, self-assurance and assertiveness. Now I feel my psychic lingam and my power! I am a women with an erection! Since the program my partner and I can create much more beauty and happiness together in our love-erotic game than before… “

“…Becoming my own best lover, was one of the most valuable gifts that I received through participating in The Orgasmic Woman. Through the exercises from this training I experienced the same deep feelings of love, ecstasy and surrender that I feel when I am with my beloved. I am able to connect with my essence. The realization that this great love dwells inside of me, as well as the ability to enjoy and feel ecstasy, is very liberating. I alone am responsible for my happiness and fulfilment in life and I no longer need to make compromises, I no longer allow someone to humiliate, to command or terrorize me, because I am afraid of not getting my needs for love met. I can find happiness in being alone because I understand now on a deeper level that I am the source of my own divine ecstasy!”

“…So many years I simply did not feel anal area, it just was not part of my body, or a part of my life! I felt vulnerable, I nearly collapsed at the thought of a man penetrating my anus with his lingam. Now, after the program, it became a possibility. I lost the fear! During sexual intercourse I tried to touch my anus and my partner penetrated it with his finger while having vaginal intercourse with me and I found it very exciting. It was a natural part of the sexual game. I feel so happy and free to know that I can just do it, if I want. It just makes everything so complete!”

“…With the training I became aware of my body and I came alive in my female part. I became aware of my sexuality and could accept myself as a sexual being. I started to speak freely about my problems concerning sexuality, about my fears, frustrations, blocks and I started to recognize and express my desires, wishes and fantasies. I started to enjoy and to live my sexuality! And I found love and peace for myself! I felt for the first time that I’m worthy, that I’m good and that this erotic part of me deserves to live! I surpassed my fear of sexuality and I became self-confident! And the most beautiful thing of all: I fell in love for the first time! I started a relationship and with it ecstatic experiences came…”